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Game of Whales automatically boosts LTV.

Game of Whales is a mobile game developers AI tool that tracks user behavior in real-time and programmatically interacts with your players to maximize lifetime value and reduce churn.
With complete understanding of the player behavior, the IAP LTV and the User level Ads revenues, Game of whales optimize the players game experience seamlessly, to maximize game performance. With the ability to predict the players type, including IAP whales, Ads whales as well as standard users, Game of Whales seamlessly activates the optimized monetization strategy for every user in the game.

Easy app monetization
Main Features

AI controlled special offers

Fully autonomous AI tracks the users behavior and offer them the right incentive at the right timing in order to maximize your users LTV.
On average, we see increase IAP LTV by over 25%.

MVT is the new A/B testing

In a simple short process, you can test anything in the game, from Ads strategy to gameplay elements and get a complete, multi-dimension results on the best course of action

Smart Cross promotion

Seamlessly transfer your “about to churn” players to a new game in your catalogue, track and optimize to make sure this was done in an optimal manner.

Real LTV measurement

Introducing the most sterile and precise way to view and utilize User level Holistic - IAP and Ads LTV!

VIP management

Know and manage your top users with Game of Whales live ops interaction dashboard.


Game of Whales tracks the ads revenues on a user level, allowing the publishers to see a precise LTV and identify the game ads whales.

Ads dynamic logic

Taking into consideration both IAP and Ads revenues on a user level, allows us to optimize the ads logic on a user level. Keeping your top players from seeing competitors ads before they made their first IAP.

Stay in control

Our top-of-the-art dashboard gives you real-time info about what matters most. Revenues, users, frauds, cheaters, trends and much more.


An average game lose 50% of its players every day! We track the players in real-time and flag the ones that are about to churn. These users will automatically get an interaction offer in order to keep them engaged in the game.

What our customers
Have to say
Michael Marr Rewardify
Game of Whales has accelerated our live operations in ways we couldn't have done ourselves. Working with the Game of whales team has been a beneficial and great experience for us.
Josh Blitz Cosi Games
Game of Whales is a huge asset to our business. The automated offer system is fantastic and a massive help to a development studio like us.
Patrick Dwyer Reliance Games
The Game of Whales interface is just awesome! Reliance team really loves using it. Even the technical and art teams are hooked to the real-time data and insights. On a personal note, I just cant log off, I drove my wife crazy the other night with contestant Cha-ching sounds from the platform.
Hale Nur Oak Games
It is really fun to click on different metrics and find more detailed reports or data in the Game of Whales Dashboard. My favorite is the ability to monitor IAP closely and see how campaigns for specific countries convert to IAP immediately.
Steve Hovagimyan Penn Interactive Ventures
Very innovative approach, makes total sense for top grossing companies.
Reliance Games Liquid Games Oak Games Foxglove WolfFun huntedCow Zimad Creative Mobile Trpz 888 Studios Hammurabi Games Suga Tricky Tribe Bombay Games White Zebra Deemedya
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