AI that optimizes IAP monetization automatically

Beautiful, real-time, user-centric visualization that allows you to stay in control while the AI engine seamlessly increases your revenues!

Game of Whales’ powerful AI automatically micro-segments your users based on their usage and behavior, interacts with every user based on their specific habits, and then optimizes the interactions, automatically.

Freemium — Don’t pay until you see the revenue boost!
What is Game of Whales?
Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms micro-segment your users into small groups based on their usage behavior. The AI automation knows when and how to offer segment-specific incentives to drive purchases. What’s more, thanks to the platform’s real-time predictive capabilities, GOW identifies users that are churning and shifts focus to retention.

The platform seamlessly tests and analyzes its user interactions in real-time to continually optimize the results. It works so unobtrusively that you don’t notice. That is, until you open your Game of Whales dashboard and see the AI effect on the conversion rate, the ARPUDAU and of course the revenues.
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Comprehensive User Profiling

The ability to create real-time, dynamic, behavioral micro-segments, with as few as five users, allows the platform to group users together that make the same gaming decisions.

Boost IAP and optimize revenue

The AI has three goals in mind: increase the conversion rate, boost the ARPPU, and decrease the churn rate. The combination of these three parameters create a mega boost increase in revenues.


Every user is a puzzle. While we collect no personal information, we do match a user’s behaviors across various apps and games to fully understand that user’s motivations and preferences.

Live Activity Tracker

Real-time analytics keeps you connected to the pulse of your app, and immediate results of your AI campaign helps you foresee the trend.


The real-time auto-optimization tool allows you to see the results of the AI campaigns vs. the control group that gets no offers. This assures that the results you see are “clean” from external effects like features, updates, and other A/B testing.


Check the monetization leader board to manage your VIPs and understand them better. Unlock achievements and socialize with other developers that use Game of Whales.

UX designed for you

Experience big data visualizations like you’ve never seen before! You’ll get addicted to the piece of art we call the Dashboard, which lets you see, react and optimize in real-time.

Tailored offers & promotions

Let Game of Whales create and manage hundreds or thousands of micro-segments for you. Allow the platform to interact with every user at the optimal time with the most relevant and targeted interaction that's most likely to perform.

Fast and Easy Implementation

No one like SDKs, but we need one to be able to respond and interact in real time, before we lose the user or the opportunity to reach them at all. We’ve done everything we can to make it as easy as possible and we have the friendliest tech support team.

Let Game of Whales show you some amazing results!
Why Game of Whales?
Born out of the mobile gaming industry, Game of Whales allows you to concentrate on your product while the platform takes care of monetization. No more overwhelming data, complex, siloed systems and poor results. Game of Whales’ simple yet sophisticated self-optimizing platform lets you maximize engagement and revenues—fast and easy.

How much does it cost?

Try it for free! Once you’re confident in the significant contribution Game of Whales can make to your revenues, then you can upgrade to a premium package.

How do I start?

Simply sign up and download Game of Whales' SDK. Just like all our other features, the SDK implementation is fast and easy.

Other questions?

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