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Easy app monetization
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Game of Whales’ powerful AI tests and analyzes user interactions in real-time, interacts with every user based on their specific habits, and incentivizes users, automatically.

It works so unobtrusively that you don’t notice... and then you see the results in growing IAP revenues, DAU, ARPPU, and more being tracked on your beautiful Game of Whales dashboard.

Easy app monetization
Main Features

Comprehensive User

Successful engagement starts with deep understanding. Explore rich user profiles featuring demographics, live and past interactions, campaign responses, revenues generated, and more.

Boost IAP and
optimize revenue

Target, retain, and engage users with automated pre-built and customized campaigns designed to increase in-app purchases.

Powerful Analytics

Machine learning, predictive analytics, and benchmarking provide continually-optimized engagement recommendations to help you maximize revenue.

Understand the
effect for real

Discover users’ behavior and preferences in real time. See when they play, how they spend, and what motivates them.


Drill into your data. Segment by characteristics, behavior, and location—or allow us to recommend the optimal segmentations to achieve your goals.


Compare your current campaigns vs. previous and see how your games or apps perform vs. other Game of Whales users.

UX designed for you

Experience rich data visualizations, analyze behavior, follow user activity and launch incentives—all in one simple, easy-to-use platform.

Tailored offers &

Optimize engagement via triggered, scheduled and personalized in-app and push notifications.

Fast and Easy

No complex integrations here. It takes just minutes to download and implement.

What our customers
Have to say
Patrick Dwyer Reliance Games
Easy app monetization
The Game of Whales interface is just awesome! Reliance team really loves using it. Even the technical and art teams are hooked to the real-time data and insights. On a personal note, I just cant log off, I drove my wife crazy the other night with contestant Cha-ching sounds from the platform.
Hale Nur Oak Games
Easy app monetization
The ability to see the IAP trends in real time helps in optimization of the UA. I was very impressed by the ability of the AI to send personalized special offers to the right users.
Steve Hovagimyan Penn Interactive Ventures
Easy app monetization
Very innovative approach, makes total sense for top grossing companies.
Reliance Games Liquid Games Oak Games Foxglove PixOwl Zimad Trpz
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